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Common Cases Handled by Miami Personal Injury Attorneys

Posted by admin on September 4th, 2012.

Whenever people hear the terms personal injury or personal injury attorney, they automatically think of car accidents. While car accidents cover a majority of the cases most personal injury attorneys deal with, there are other type of cases that personal injury lawyers deal with a lot. Here are 5 common types of cases that are handled by Miami personal injury attorneys.

The Top Cases Miami Personal Injury Attorneys Handle

  1. Automobile Accidents
    This still tops the list with road traffic accidents constantly rising.  Miami personal injury attorneys believe that the reason automobile accidents are steadily rising is because of the increasing sales in vehicles, as well as the many road distractions today.  Mobile phone usage while driving is one of the main culprits for such accidents.
  2. Work-Related Injuries
    Miami Personal Injury Attorneys Dealing With Workers' CompensationBeing injured on the job is the main reason for the creation of the Workers’ Compensation.  Sometimes an employer will try to keep from fulfilling their obligation of providing an employee with a livable wage through Workers’ Compensation. Miami personal injury attorneys are usually called upon to review the employee’s accident, and what steps the employer has taken to ensure that the employee can still get by during their time of recovery has provided.
  3. Slip and Fall Injuries
    This may sound so simple yet this is actually one of the most common causes of injuries at about any place today.  We have seen many cases of an elderly slipping and falling at danger prone areas of a park or a mall that have resulted in serious injuries.  Some have even resulted in death.  Treatment usually consists of lots of medical attention and a number of physical therapy sessions. Usually the falls could have been prevented had proper warning been put into place.
  4. Medical Malpractice
    Medical Malpractice is when a misdiagnosis can cause more harm or even death to a patient. Malpractice can result through a misdiagnosis of the problem, giving the wrong treatment for a problem, or not performing a surgical technique correctly.
  5. Product Liability
    This type of claim has a much lower occurrence rate compared to the other personal injury claims but it is one of the highest paid personal injury claims.  Product Liability is when a product that is marketed to the public causes harm or injury. This can be due to lack of proper testing of the product or mislabeling how the product should be used.