Railroad Injuries

In major cities throughout the U.S., people depend on trains for transportation to their jobs, schools and vacation destinations. And, the nation relies on freight trains to move cargo of every sort, from cattle, construction equipment and materials to coal, consumer goods and food supplies across the country.

Not all railroad accidents result in personal injuries and fatalities, but the accident rate is higher than the average person may realize. According to Federal Highway Administration reports, a train accident occurs every two hours in the United States.

While statistics show that human errors are the leading cause of train accidents, the primary reasons railroad accidents occur are related to:

  • Human factors, such as conductor negligence
  • Train track & structures
  • Train & rail equipment
  • Signals and train control
  • Miscellaneous causes such as hazardous or toxic material spills

Aspects of human error, negligence, rail equipment and controls that contribute to railroad injuries include excessive train speeds, failure to sound train whistles, conductor intoxication and switching of tracks that leads to a collision with another train. Railroad crossings present other hazards. Drivers of cars and trucks sometimes try to beat the train at a railroad crossing, and many railroad crossings many not have crossing arms, bells, lights, whistle posts or provisions for adequate warning or may not allow for clear visibility of an on-coming train. Uneven pavements frequently found at railroad crossings also further increase the danger for vehicles or pedestrians crossing the tracks.

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